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Coyotes Curling Curling Club Pandemic and Health Emergency Protocols

Coyotes Curling Club

Pandemic Operational Protocols



These protocols are intended to establish guidelines for the operation of curling, use of facilities, and other activities at the Coyotes Curling Club (CCC) in the event of a pandemic or health emergency. Protocols may be instituted based on the uniqueness of the disease or condition.

These practices are meant solely for the safety and protection of CCC members, guests, spectators, and contractors. Such specific protocols will be published in a manner that ensures all participants are aware of these specific protocols.

None of these protocols will supersede state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations.


General Health Protocols

General health protocols always apply.

  • If you feel sick, do not come to the curling club.
  • Each participant will be required to sign a Declaration of Compliance and Assumption of Risk.
  • Players who don’t comply with the general or phased protocols will be asked to leave the facility.

 Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning protocols are phase-based and may be more restrictive in some phases. The following provisions apply to all phases.

  • Club-approved sanitizing products and PPE that is appropriate for the current pandemic or health emergency phase will be provided.
  • Appropriate social distancing and PPE use must be adhered to for all cleaning.
  • Only club-approved cleaning/sanitizing products may be used for cleaning.


The following definitions are described for use in this document.

  • Club Curling Equipment: any equipment the club provides for the use of curlers in lieu of the curlers’ own equipment. This includes loaner brooms, common use stabilizers, grippers, and sliders.
  • Ice House: the area of the curling club inside the glass wall where curling occurs. The Ice House includes the mechanical and maintenance area behind the curling area.
  • Non-Delivery Team Courtesy Markers: markers placed into the ice where the non-delivery team sweepers will stand while the delivery team is executing their shot. These will be placed near but outside the hoglines.
  • PPE: Personal Protection Equipment appropriate to the current Pandemic or Health Emergency. This may include masks and gloves.
  • Social Activities: refers to any activity where more than 3 people gather for purposes other than curling, maintenance, or cleaning. These include broomstacking, meetings, watch parties, etc.
  • Warm Room: the area of the curling club outside the Ice House including the lounge, lobby, bar, change rooms, meeting rooms, restrooms, storage rooms, locker rooms, pro shop, kitchen, and equipment rooms.




The protocols may follow a phased approach based on the current status and spread of a disease or cause of health emergency that pose a significant risk to persons in Maricopa County, Arizona, or the nation. 

Moving from one phase to another will follow the appropriate governing agencies regulations. Recommendations from the Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will also be considered. Moving to more restrictive phases than what is required will ultimately be controlled by the club’s membership (i.e., even if an agency declares all restrictions are lifted, the membership may continue to enforce some restrictions).

Phase Levels

Unless otherwise noted, CCC is in Phase Clear. Additional phases will be established based on the uniqueness of the disease or condition and should be routinely updated as more information is known and/or better prevention strategies are available. See Appendix: COVID-19 Phases for the various phases used during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Phase I: Clear. Unless otherwise noted, CCC is in Phase Clear. Phase Clear allows for curling to occur in an unrestricted fashion.

  • There are no factors for Phase Clear; Phase Clear is the baseline phase.


  •  There are no restrictions on cleaning of club equipment, cleaning of club facilities, or maintenance at CCC. Standard cleaning based on government agencies requirements and personal hygiene are required.


  • Participants at risk of having their health compromised may exercise the use of PPE.
  • On-Ice Play. Curling can occur in an unrestricted fashion.


  • There are no restrictions on sweeping.


  • There are no restrictions on practice sessions.


  • Social Activities. There are no restrictions on social activities.


  • Extraneous activities. There are no restrictions on extraneous activities.



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