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Volunteering at the Coyotes Curling Club


How can I help at the CCC


Below you will find a list of our committees and a description of what each one does. Read through them, then head to the volunteer page and let us know on what committee(s) you think you would best be able to help our club grow and thrive.




    1. Supports and monitors the fiscal compliance of the Coyotes Curling Club
    2. Works with the Treasurer and other committees to develop and present the annual budget
    3. Provides oversight for the CCC’s small businesses, including the Pro Shop, Broken Broom Lounge, Locker Rental and Storage Rental
    4. Responsible for fund raising activities and grant applications



    1. Maintains the club facility, including the ice house, and plans/coordinates improvement projects
    2. Works with the Treasurer and Budget Committee to establish an annual budget for improvement projects and equipment
    3. Maintains the club equipment, and proposes purchase of new or replacement equipment
    4. Provides oversight for the CCC’s information technology infrastructure, including computers, online storage, internal networks, and club software



    1. Ensures quality/consistency of content and coordinates publishing of all internal communications, including the web site, social media, email newsletter, letters from the President, bulk emails to club membership, and surveys
    2. Maintains committee membership lists, and promotes volunteerism by connecting club members to committees who
      need help
    3. Provides single point-of-contact for internal broadcasting information to the club membership
    4. Coordinates with Marketing Committee to ensure external communications are consistent with internal communications



    1. Establishes and manages all leagues, including beginner, men’s, women’s, social and open leagues
    2. Manages league registration in coordination with the Building Committee
    3. Maintains and publishes the league rosters, standings and substitution lists
    4. Publishes League Catalog
    5. Works with the Communications Committee to publish and post all league information




    1. Schedules and organizes curling camps as well as coaching programs to enhance the skill development of club members, including new curlers generated by LTC events
    2. Organizes and manages Learn-to-Curl events
    3. Organizes and manages external competitive events like the Golden Wrench and play-downs leading to external events like the PIC and Club Nationals
    4. Organizes and manages officiating and instructor clinics
    5. Works with the Curling Leagues Committee to organize and schedule open practice
    6. Works with the Communication Committee to publish internal and external training as well as competitive opportunities



    1. Schedules, organizes and manages all recurring social bonspiels, with the exception of USWCA-sponsored bonspiels
    2. Organizes and manages all recurring social events, such as the annual pub crawl and annual meeting
    3. Creates and maintains a best practice checklist to capture and formalize tribal knowledge for the future benefit of the club
    4. Works with the Communication and Marketing Committees to publicize all social events to both club membership and to the broader curling community



    1. Responsible for all aspects of marketing the sport of curling to the external community, including publicizing leagues (in conjunction with the Curling Leagues Committee), bonspiels (in conjunction with the Events Committee and Women’s Committee), and competitive events (in conjunction with the Curling Development Committee)
    2. Develops a strategic marketing plan and identifies budget needed to support proposed marketing campaigns
    3. Organizes and manages CCC representation in local events, such as the Great Canadian Picnic and Pat’s Run
    4. Responsible for eliciting sponsorships and advertising for the CCC in general, and for specific events like bonspiels and competitions
    5. Coordinates with Communications Committee to ensure internal and external communications are consistent



    1. Establishes and maintains a membership directory encompassing new, active and former members (in conjunction with the Building Committee/IT)
    2. Responsible for establishing and running a program to transition LTC participants into Beginner’s Leagues and active membership
    3. Responsible for retention of active members
    4. Establishes and manages a “mentorship” program for new curlers
    5. Responsible for development and outreach to Junior/Collegiate curlers
    6. Monitors general satisfaction of the club membership, and works to help find “a place” for every active member



    1. Promotes and works to increase women’s participation in club leagues and other events
    2. Schedules, organizes and manages the USWCA-sponsored Under 5 and All American Bonspiels
    3. Works with the Communication and Marketing Committees to publicize USWCA events to both club membership and to the broader curling community
    4. Coordinates with the Curling Leagues Committee to establish and sustain a Women’s League

So where can you help out? Head to the Volunteer Sign up page to send us your info. A representative from the committee will contact you.

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