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Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes 15Aug-2023

Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2023 Board Meeting

Board Members Present Board Members Absent
Mark Anderson, President
Sean Aronson, Member at Large
Debbie Aubrey, Member at Large
Jeff Baird, Member at Large
Karen Cole, Vice President
Wes Seeger, Secretary
Darryl Horsman, Member at Large
Wayne Fleming, Member at Large

Wayne Garman, Treasurer
Members Present
Denise Juillard
Lindsay Estabrooks
Beki Horsman
Paige Peterson

Call to Order:
M. Anderson called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. by video conference call.
Meeting Minutes:
A motion was made by D.Aubrey and seconded by J. Baird to approve the minutes from the Board’s
Open Business meeting held on 18-July-23. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.
Financial Report:
Mark Anderson reviewed the financial report highlights.
A motion was made by J. Baird and seconded by W. Fleming to approve the July financial report. The
motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.
Committee Reports and Recommendations:
Budget – Paige Peterson
 Budget time. Paige will send out reminders to have budgets presented in the next few weeks.
Building – Kelly Fleischaker

Open Business Meeting Minutes Coyotes Curling Club Page 2 of 4
 Report was circulated.
 Wayne reported he has asked Chris to fix roof leaks after ice is in.
 New rubberized flooring in the ice house will be going in over the summer.
 Safe not working, manufacturer to be contacted.
 Emergency lighting is not working in men’s bathroom, Wayne F. will check and resolve.
Events –Jenn Collins, Christy Trageton
 Members: Karen Cole, Jenn Collins, Denise Juillard, Ashley Siggins (ad hoc), Christy
 Event Procedure Playbook status – final changes being incorporated and will be distributed
when complete.
 Bonspiels have been entered on website and registration end date is set at 3 weeks out. Hotel
info to be entered yet.
 Joe Rice working on 12team – 32team draw schedules.
Leagues – Beki Horsman
 Members: Wayne Fleming, Wes Seeger, Tracy Drummond, Joseph Rice.
 Registrations have opened and are progressing well.
 Report Circulated.
 Lindsay Estabrooks will take over Thursday morning league.
Marketing and Communications - Darryl Horsman/Jared Keesling
 Report circulated.
 Looking for more content people.
 CCC Flyers are being updated.
Membership and Skills Development – Lindsay Estabrooks and Wes Seeger
 89 is current membership based on newly opened registrations.
 First Try Curling and Introduction to Curling registrations have opened.
Women’s Committee – Denise Juillard
 No Report.
 Debbie has worked on the Donna Purkey registration and promotion.
 Discussion re: price change to match other bonspiels. Best not to change until next year.
Pandemic Operational Protocol Committee – Wes Seeger and Mark Anderson
 Protocol document circulated.
 Protocol changes completed by Jenn Collins.
 Beki and Wes will complete web changes before club opening.

Old Business:
 2306-001 - Grant status
 Darwin Curtis grant status has no update yet. Trouble reaching the pertinent person.
 2306-002 - MoPac Events [M Anderson]
 MoPac men’s and women’s dates have been set over 5 days, Dec. 6-10, 2023 at CCC,
and mixed at SFBACC in January, 2024.
 2306-004 - Update AZ Corporation Commission with new list of officers [M Anderson]

Open Business Meeting Minutes Coyotes Curling Club Page 3 of 4
New Business:
 2308-001 - Volunteer appreciation program [D. Aubrey]
 Discussion re: the importance of having a robust volunteer appreciation program.
 Agreed as a good idea, will be moved to ‘In committee’ for work on a proposal.
 2308-002 - Ice Crew - Maintenance update and expectations [S. Tait]
 Mark reported that ice crew has concerns about amount of time permitted for ice out/ice in
 Currently scheduled events may be at risk.
 Shawn reiterated (via email) that hosting corporate events and learn to curls in the first
scheduled week back is very risky and shouldn’t be undertaken.

 2308-003 - Future of President’s Cup [M Anderson]
 Mark has been having ongoing conversations with Denver and CCC Events Committee.
 This event is a good Volunteer reward.
 Moved to ‘In Committee’
 2308-004 Records Retention [D Aubrey]
 Debbie reported that our retention of corporate documents is inconsistent and that we have
paper and digitally stored documents.
 Debbie volunteered to digitize existing paper corporate documents and build a retention
 Moved to ‘In Committee’
In Committee
2306-003 Club funds investment proposal [W Garman/P Peterson, Budget Committee]

20-Jun-23: Alternatives to initial proposal - Report Pending

2307-009 Detailed Business Model for Corporate Events [Lindsay Estabrooks, Membership Committee] - Report Pending
2307-001 Stone replacement [S Aaronson, Budget Committee]

 New rocks cost CAD 15,500 per sheet for new rocks with a lead time of about 18 months. [At today’s
exchange rates ... USD $11,364]
 Reconditioning our current rocks - would need to wait until next summer as Canada Curling Stone
(vendor) is at capacity right now.
o Recondition strike bands – CAD 1,600 per sheet.
o Recondition running surface both sides – CAD 1,800 per sheet.
o Shipping per sheet – CAD 1,500 each way
o Total per sheet: CAD 6,400 per sheet
[At today’s exchange rate ... USD $4848 per sheet]
 Proposal is to ship all 5 sets. Canada Curling Stone will identify the best, most matched 4 sets out of
those rocks.
o Will vendor only ship 4 sets back?

2309-001 Volunteer appreciation program [D. Aubrey, M. Anderson, Lindsay Estabrooks, Executive Committee]

 Devise a strategy and rewards for an effective Volunteer Appreciation Program

2309-003 Future of President’s Cup [M Anderson, Executive Committee]
2308-004 Records Retention [D Aubrey, Executive Committee]
 Digitize existing corporate paper documents.
 Set up a repeatable structure for storage of digitized corporate documents.

Open Business Meeting Minutes Coyotes Curling Club Page 4 of 4
Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. by video/conference call
Adjournment: A motion was made by Karen Cole and seconded by Debbie Aubrey to adjourn the
meeting at 7:25 p.m. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.
Note: The Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes are
maintained on the cccmember site for the last three months. If a member
would like to see minutes from a prior meeting or meetings, please send a
request to the current secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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