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Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes 16-January-2024

Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes


Approved as Distributed

Board Members Present

Board Members Absent

Mark Anderson, President

Wayne Garman, Treasurer

Sean Aronson, Member at Large

Debbie Aubrey, Member at Large

Karen Cole, Vice President

Wes Seeger, Secretary

Darryl Horsman, Member at Large

Wayne Fleming, Member at Large

Jeff Baird, Member at Large


Members Present

Denise Juillard

Call to Order:

M. Anderson called the meeting to order at 5:3 p.m. by video conference call.


Meeting Minutes:

A motion was made by Darryl Horsman and seconded by Debbie Aubrey to approve the minutes from the Board’s Open Business meeting held on 19-December-23, as distributed. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.

Financial Report:

Wayne reviewed the financial report highlights for December.  Revenue exceeded revenue by $34,000.

13,600 ahead of last year for league registrations.  Received payment of $6300 from MoPac for playdowns.  Club membership fees were paid to USAC.  $2300 in repairs.

Revenue for Wrench last year was approximately $2200, this year entries and prizes will be a wash.

Looking to invest more money due to bank balances.

A motion was made by Wayne Fleming and seconded by Karen Cole to approve the November financial report. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.


Committee Reports and Recommendations:

Budget – Paige Peterson

  • No report.

Building – Kelly Fleischaker, Wayne Fleming

  • Report provided.
  • Still working on the ADA quote proposals.
  • Still working on new tables.
  • Research being done on ice house leaks during rain.

Events –Jenn Collins, Christy Trageton

Members: Karen Cole, Jenn Collins, Denise Juillard, Ashley Siggins (ad hoc), Christy Trageton.

  • Report provided.
  • Spring Training is on track. Question regarding doing the 24-25 event schedule earlier this year. Karen will look at a meeting in February.
  • The Wrench volunteer spots were all filled by Tuesday.


Leagues – Beki Horsman, Sean Aronson

Members: Wayne Fleming, Wes Seeger, Tracy Drummond, Joseph Rice.

  • No report provided.
  • Sunday full, Monday 48, Tuesday early 25, Tuesday full, Wednesday full, Thursday am full, Thursday pm full, Friday social cancelled, Friday doubles 8

Marketing and Communications - Darryl Horsman

  • No Report provided.
  • Marketing posts are all scheduled through February. Posts are usually scheduled 2 months out. If an event or a league is sold out Marketing would appreciate notification so they can remove scheduled posts and add something else.
  • Christmas signs did well.
  • Plans are underway for marketing sign for front door. Debbie suggested hours of operation for the sign.


Membership and Skills Development – Lindsay Estabrooks and Wes Seeger

  • No Report provided.
  • Membership 221
  • Newest Intro to Curling started on Saturday, 1 short of full.
  • Possibility of clinics on empty Friday nights.
  • Need to work on Level I Instructor Class

Women’s Committee – Denise Juillard, Debra Aubrey.

  • Report provided.
  • Purkey up to 14 teams, but All American only up to 11 people.


Pandemic Operational Protocol Committee – Wes Seeger and Jeff Baird.

  • No report provided.
  • There was an increase in deaths over the holidays but no significant increase in infections.

Old Business:


Volunteer appreciation program [D. Aubrey, M. Anderson, Lindsay Estabrooks]

·       Debbie has only had one person provide feedback, will be following up after this weekend.  Will fine tune following some input.


Update working group for Objectives & Strategies. [M. Anderson]

·       The committee meetings are scheduled.

New Business:

2401-001 – President Cup

  • Mark talked to Denver President about cancelling President’s Cup. It is now officially cancelled.
  • We may want to switch MoPac Mixed Doubles reserved ice forward one weekend to use President’s Cup ice. The reserved June date for MoPac can be released.
  • 2401-002 no word on International Tankard selections yet.
  • a

In Committee


Detailed Business Model for Corporate Events [Lindsay Estabrooks, Membership Committee] - Report Pending


Stone replacement [S Aaronson, Budget Committee]

·       New rocks cost CAD 15,500 per sheet for new rocks with a lead time of about 18 months. [At today’s exchange rates … USD $11,364]

·       Reconditioning our current rocks - would need to wait until next summer as Canada Curling Stone (vendor) is at capacity right now. 

o    Recondition strike bands – CAD 1,600 per sheet.

o    Recondition running surface both sides – CAD 1,800 per sheet.

o    Shipping per sheet – CAD 1,500 each way

o    Total per sheet: CAD 6,400 per sheet
[At today’s exchange rate … USD $4848 per sheet]

·       Proposal is to ship all 5 sets. Canada Curling Stone will identify the best, most matched 4 sets out of those rocks.

o    Will vendor only ship 4 sets back?


Volunteer appreciation program [D. Aubrey, M. Anderson, Lindsay Estabrooks, Executive Committee]

·       Devise a strategy and rewards for an effective Volunteer Appreciation Program


Records Retention [D Aubrey, Executive Committee]

·       Digitize existing corporate paper documents.

·       Set up a repeatable structure for storage of digitized corporate documents.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. by video/conference call

Adjournment: A motion was made by Karen Cole and seconded by Wayne Fleming to adjourn the meeting at 6:19 p.m. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.

Note: The Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes are maintained on the cccmember site for the last three months. If a member would like to see minutes from a prior meeting or meetings, please send a request to the current secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Respectfully Submitted,

W. Seeger, Secretary

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