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Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes 18-July-2023

Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2023 Board Meeting

Board Members Present Board Members Absent
Mark Anderson, President
Sean Aronson, Member at Large
Debbie Aubrey, Member at Large
Jeff Baird, Member at Large
Karen Cole, Vice President
Wayne Garman, Treasurer
Wes Seeger, Secretary

Wayne Fleming, Member at Large
Darryl Horsman, Member at Large
Members Present
Denise Juillard
Lindsay Estabrooks
Tracey Drummond

Call to Order:
M. Anderson called the meeting to order at 5:29 p.m. by video conference call.
Meeting Minutes:
A motion was made by M. Anderson and seconded by J. Baird to approve the minutes from the Board’s
Open Business meeting held on 20-June-23. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.

Financial Report:
A motion was made by D. Aubrey and seconded by J. Baird to approve the May financial report. The
motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.

Committee Reports and Recommendations:
Budget – Paige Peterson
 Building owner is happy to extend our lease and is considering the terms. May add some sort
of clause re: if he sells lease could be cancelled.

Building – Kelly Fleischaker
 Ducts have been cleaned, rocks moved, ice removal in the works.
 Working on how to clean the epoxy floors. Possibly $1900.

Events –Jenn Collins, Christy Trageton
 Members: Karen Cole, Jenn Collins, Denise Juillard, Ashley Siggins (ad hoc), Christy
 Event Procedure Playbook status – Playbook sent out, requesting feedback.
 Corey Brown has left Arizona so we are looking for a Spring Training Coordinator.
 Discussion re: Donation to Hollywood CC from the On Location Spiel, tabled for next

Leagues – Beki Horsman
 Members: Wayne Fleming, Wes Seeger, Tracy Drummond Joseph Rice, Don Stephens,
Wayne Garman.
 No report.
 Beki has a meeting set for Wednesday, July 19, 2023.
 Conversation regarding payment for leagues upfront due to non-payment, late payment with
general consensus from the board. The exception would be for those in need of assistance.
Wayne G., Lindsay E and Beki will research what needs done to app to accommodate.

Marketing and Communications – TBD
 No report.
 Jared Keesling has joined the committee.

Membership and Skills Development – Lindsay Estabrooks and Wes Seeger
 Lindsay discussed the new membership model. Greater detail in New business.

Women’s Committee – Denise Juillard
 Report provided.
 USWCA National Fall Meeting is coming up. Need help with hospitality suite at hotel and
ride assistance to committee party. Committee is working on the help.
 Tracey will organize the USWCA 5 and under.

Pandemic Operational Protocol Committee – Wes Seeger and Mark Anderson
 Documents are being worked on by Wes and Jenn Collins. Major changes including;
 Front page of Member website has been simplified and will be posted in next week.
 Protocol document has had all references to Covid, Pods and Pools, 3 sheets of ice
 Jenn is working on changing all Phase based language to reflect the levels of severity that
Maricopa County Department of Public Health uses including testing and infection rates.

Old Business:
 Grant status
 Darwin Curtis grant status in still uncertain but Karen is following up with possible start
dates is.
 Curler Support Fund [W Garman]
 Wayne Garman discussed the proposal and clarified the funding – Maximum fund
amount per year would be $7500 depending on the amount donate by members.
Moved by Wayne Garman that.

The club establish a fund each season, starting with the 2023/2024 season, for club
members who need assistance with league and / or membership fees. The fund
would include a flat amount of $2,500, plus a matching amount to member
contributions to a maximum of $2,500. This fund would be administered by a
subcommittee of the budget committee. Members requesting assistance would apply
to the subcommittee describing their situation and need for assistance. The
subcommittee would review the member applications for approval. Any member
requesting assistance would be limited to one league fee per scheduled league, S1,
S2 or S3 and/or Basic Membership.”
Seconded by Mark Anderson
Unanimously approved.
 MOPAC events [M Anderson]
 Mark suggested to MoPac that CCC is prepared to host a MoPac Men’s & Women’s
combined playdown over 5 days, Dec. 6-10, 2023.
 This will minimize impact on ice crew, leagues and volunteers.
 MoPac representative indicated satisfaction and will take back to MoPac board for vote.
New Business:
 Update AZ Corporation Commission with new list of officers [M Anderson]
 Mark is still working on this.
 Board approval of Amended and Restated Bylaws [M. Anderson]
 Mark reviewed the status of the amendments and Debbie summarized the changes.
Moved by Mark Anderson that;
The Board approve the amendments to the bylaws as presented at the Annual
Seconded by Debra Aubrey
Unanimously approved.
 Club investment proposal
 The matter is still being researched by the Budget Committee.
 Stone replacement/reconditioning
 The matter is being referred to the Budget Committee, given the long lead time needed.
 Volunteer appreciation program [D. Aubrey] – tabled until next meeting.
 Proposal for change on how league fees are collected [M Anderson]
 Matter was handled in the Leagues Committee discussion. Two Tier CCC Member Structure [M Anderson]
 General Consensus that no change is necessary to membership fee structure vis-a-vis Basic vs.
Premium Membership.
 USCA membership model [M Anderson]
 $750 per sheet, $5 rebate for members who register through USCA.
 Multiple USCA membership levels for Basic curling, competitive curling, etc.
 How do we manage registration - CCC vs USCA vs MoPac
 There are currently no guidelines published so there is no clarity re: USCA membership
 Board Consensus is, members pay us for USCA Basic membership, members pay USCA for
higher level membership. If/When USCA votes to approve the model we will send a
newsletter to all members explaining the differences between levels and the procedures
within the club.

 Corporate Event Proposal – Lindsay spoke to the proposal,
 volunteers are the reason we turn down 1 in 3 Corp event requests. We can increase the
number of events and overall revenue without burning out volunteers if we contract out the
booking and instruction to a 3rd party.
 Many questions about how this would be run, including liability and SafeSport issues.
 Concerns about how members will accept that some members are getting paid for doing
volunteer work if there is member involvement in the 3rd party.
 Would likely take a year to work out details.
 Board approves that Lindsay proceed with making a more detailed business plan.
 Sun Devil Curling Club – Andie McDonald spoke about the current and proposed models.
 Would like Learn to Curl fee for students to be $10. She may get funding from ASU if CCC
can provide a formal quote for pricing.
 Also, would like discounts for leagues so players can get earn college nationals points to
qualify for NCAA championships.
 Possibly qualify for assistance but Board wants to be sure student assistance won’t impact the
need for employment related assistance.
 Lindsay/Andie/Wayne to discuss details and registration arrangements.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 15, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. by video/conference call
Adjournment: A motion was made by J. Baird and seconded by M. Anderson to adjourn the meeting at
7:13 p.m. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.

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