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Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes 20-Jun-2023

Board of Directors Open Business Meeting Minutes

For Review

Board Members Present Board Members Absent
Mark Anderson, President
Sean Aronson, Member at Large
Debbie Aubrey, Member at Large
Jeff Baird, Member at Large
Karen Cole, Vice President
Wayne Fleming, Member at Large
Wayne Garman, Treasurer
Darryl Horsman, Member at Large
Wes Seeger, Secretary

Members Present
Shawn Tait

Call to Order:
M. Anderson called the meeting to order at 5:29 p.m. by video conference call.
Election of Officers:
President – M. Anderson
Vice President – K. Cole
Treasurer – W. Garman
Secretary – W. Seeger
Committee Liaison Assignments:
Budget – W. Garman
Building – W. Fleming
Events – K. Cole
Leagues – S. Aronson
Marketing and Communications – D. Horsman
Membership and Skills Development – W. Seeger
Women’s – D. Aubrey
Pandemic Operational Protocol – J. Baird

Meeting Minutes:
A motion was made by M. Anderson and seconded by J. Baird to approve the minutes from the Board’s
Open Business meeting held on 16-May-23. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.

Financial Report:
A motion was made by D. Aubrey and seconded by W. Fleming to approve the May financial report. The
motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.

Committee Reports and Recommendations:
Budget – Paige Peterson
• Building owner is happy to extend our lease and is considering the terms.

Building – Kelly Fleischaker
• Warm room reconfiguration plan – engage an architect in fall to draw up plans and start
permitting process; expect cost of architect to be around $5,000.
• Roof leaks status – need to follow-up with building owner.
• Discussion of summer projects in icehouse and warm room.
• Discussion re: stocking spare parts i.e., compressor, pump, fuses, etc. Shawn Tait will
conduct an inventory.
• Plant and water system are maintained at least once a year over and above emergency repairs.
Shawn will look at reviewing what is maintained every year and update Maintenance
Schedule as needed.
• Wayne Fleming indicated we are due an A/C replacement from Chris (landlord).

Events –Jenn Collins, Christy Trageton
• Members: Jenn Collins, Denise Juillard, Ashley Siggins (ad hoc), Christy Trageton.
• Event Procedure Playbook status – ‘No accommodation for late starts on Friday of a
bonspiel’ has been added as a procedure and will be implemented for next year’s spiels.
• Crock Pots are needed for USCA Junior Camp.
• Hollywood spiel has bartending (our only responsibility) schedule set.
• Hotter Than Hell is tentatively full, once draw schedule is ready volunteer request will be

Leagues – Beki Horsman
• Members: Wayne Fleming, Wes Seeger, Tracy Drummond Joseph Rice, Don Stephens,
Wayne Garman.
• No report.

Marketing and Communications – TBD
• No report.

Membership and Skills Development – Lindsay Estabrooks and Wes Seeger
• Wes reported that the last Try Curling event of the season was conducted on Saturday.
• Darryl reported that we conducted a Level I USCA Instructor class and graduated 10 students
including 8 from CCC.

Women’s Committee – Denise Juillard
• No report.

Pandemic Operational Protocol Committee – Wes Seeger and Mark Anderson
• Wes reported that we are in Phase Clear and that he will get all web pages updated in the next
two weeks to reflect this.

Old Business:
• Grant status
• Karen Cole reported that AZ STA quick grants will open for applications in the new year.
• Darwin Curtis grant status in uncertain but Karen will check with our MoPac representative to see
what the status for new applications is.
• Curler Support Fund [W Garman]
• Discussion - Wayne Garman reported on how past assistance (Covid relief) was conducted but
would like to set up a fund for all member assistance situations. Wayne suggested, with board
input that;

o $1500 from club + member donations = approx. $4500.
o Formal requests required.
o Suggested one league per season.
o Better communications to the membership.

• Wayne G. will draw up a motion with these parameters for approval at the next board meeting.
• MOPAC events [M Anderson]
• Mark Anderson reported that MOPAC wants us to host Men’s and Women’s Club National
Playdowns. The board discussed several points to present to MoPac president;

o How many MoPac’s do we want to do? 2 or 3?
o Can they events be 4 days?
o Can Men’s and Women’s be combined?
o Possibly a Friday to Monday schedule?
o Discussion on scheduling in December v. January
• Mark will discuss with MoPac and report back.

New Business:
• Update AZ Corporation Commission with new list of officers [M Anderson] – deferred due to time
• Board approval of Amended and Restated Bylaws
• Mark Anderson reviewed the bylaw as presented at the annual meeting against that in the PDF
provided by Debbie and discovered a discrepancy in definition of voting majority. At annual
meeting it was 50% but in PDF it was 2/3. Mark and Wes will research and correct if needed.
• Approval of the amendments was deferred until next meeting.
• Club investment proposal
• Wayne Garman presented the suggested Investment idea as researched by Paige Patterson but
there were some concerns re: FDIC insurance and the impact of selling before maturity.
• The matter was discussed among the board members, and it was agreed to defer the motion until
more research into other options can be completed.

o deferred
• Dehumidifier repair

• The need for the repairs and whether more would be needed were presented by M. Anderson and
S. Tait.
• Motion was made by Mark Anderson and seconded by Wayne Fleming to approve repair of the
dehumidifier by Bel Aire Mechanical in an amount not to exceed $8000. Motion passed
• Stone replacement/reconditioning – deferred due to time constraints.
• Volunteer appreciation program – deferred due to time constraints.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 18th at 5:30 p.m. by video/conference call
Adjournment: A motion was made by K. Cole and seconded by W. Fleming to adjourn the meeting at
7:01 p.m. The motion passed unanimously with no further discussion.

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